You have the right to return the items within 14 days of receipt of the goods without giving a reason.

Return costs

Please note, that shipping costs for return packages are your responsibility.

Important hints

We only accept returns for new and unworn goods. If your goods show a defect or an item is missing, this must be reported in advance. Otherwise there is no guarantee that the full purchase price can be refunded. Send us an email to

Make sure that you send the jewelry well packaged and in the original packaging so that it reaches us undamaged. As soon as the return package has reached us and we have carried out a quality check, you will receive the money for your order back.

Please note that we only take back pieces of jewelery that have been returned to us in perfect condition, for example chains should be placed in the foam slots provided in the GAVERO box, otherwise they will get caught in the shipping and we will then no longer be able to use them for the can offer for sale. Please put the earrings back into the foam slots as well, otherwise they may get scratched during shipping. Thank you for your understanding!

The processing of your return or your exchange package can take up to 10 working days after receipt of the return package.

If your right of return has been exceeded and an extended right of return has not been confirmed by us beforehand, your return will be sent back to you automatically.

If you have received a free item as a result of a campaign, we ask you to send this item back as soon as your order falls below the minimum purchase value due to a return.